Paul Henley

".....it was very compelling, often beautiful music."​​​​​
                   (Angela Goodall, 'Words and Music') 

“…..there is a considerable talent evident in his works." 
​                                            (Andrew Downes, Composer)             


Theme and Variations for String Quartet
Adagio and Interlude for Bass Trombone and Piano
Morning for Choir (SATB) Piano and Percussion
Brio for String Quartet
Bethlehem Junction – a Christmas Musical for Vocal Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra
Romanza for Solo Cello
Suite for Piano
Sonata No.1 for Cello and Piano
In the Beginning for Soprano, Flute and String Quintet (2 Cellos)
Sonata No.1 for Piano
Sonata No.2 for Cello and Piano
Piano Concerto No.1
Elegy for String Quartet
Sonata No.3 for Cello and Piano
Of Unknown Modes of Being for Baritone and Orchestra
Theme and Variations for Clarinet Trio
Sonata No.2 for Piano
Pied Beauty for a cappella choir (SATB)
Piano Concerto No.2
Voice for Cello and Piano
Prelude for Orchestra
Lyric Moment for Violin and Piano
String Quartet No.1
Turbulence for String Orchestra
Maiestas et Mysterium - A Song Cycle for Soprano and Piano
Duo for Harp and Cello 
Sonata for Cor Anglais and Piano 

   Sonata No.1 for Piano - opening movement

    Bethlehem Junction - ​Part 1 Conclusion - Orchestra

Sonata No.2 for Cello and Piano - 2nd. movement
Bethlehem Junction - "Now the night is rising"
                   Soprano and Chorus
Brio for String Quartet
Voice for Cello and Piano


"…..it was very compelling, often beautiful music…..This was a marvellous evening"
"   (Angela Goodall, “Words and Music”)

".....music from which rises serene simplicity. The substance of what Henley has to express here is large in scale.....There are many delightful ideas here and they are collegiate in spirit.....It's all very English and most approachable."
     (Rob Barnett, Music Web International)

“This affecting Elegy…..harmonic elements impart a timeless quality….The many shifting modulations are beautifully handled….. a beautifully crafted and deeply personal musical tribute.”
     (Chris Symons, former Director and Founder, Oswestry School International Recital Series)

“…..there is a considerable talent evident in his works.”
     (Andrew Downes, Composer)             
“ When I first read through Paul’s Sonata, I felt I related to the music straight away”
     (Anna Roberts, 1954 – 2011, Pianist)

“It is a great privilege to be the dedicatee of Paul’s Cello Sonatas Nos.1 & 2. Though very different, they both demonstrate his highly individual voice. The music covers a range of expression from great drama to intense emotion via fun and ebullience, and amply repay the effort of overcoming the considerable technical challenges. These however always arise from the needs of the music and not from any attempt at cleverness. I have given several performances of these works, and audiences and performers alike have derived great pleasure from them.”
     (Ruth Henley, Cellist)

“It is a sensitive, spiritual piece for Soprano, Flute and String Quintet. The strings provided an ethereal frame for solo passages of flute and soprano in answering phrases. After a hypnotic sequence of soft repeated chords, the soprano soared above the strings reaching an electrifying climax at the word Alleluia "
     (Moira Dixon, Salisbury Journal)

"Whether the assertive opening bars of Brio for String Quartet or the four-note figure of the Second Cello Sonata’s glorious Lento, Paul’s music combines melody with harmonic and developmental sophistication that is immediately accessible....."
     (Lawrence Mortimer, co-founder, Whittington International Chamber Music Festival)    

“Paul Henley’s music has the rare and prized quality of achieving powerful effects and telling contrasts with minimal fuss and maximum communicative directness. Generous melodies and tangy harmonies combine with a striking rhythmic ingenuity to create works loaded with infectious energy and suffused with vibrant emotional warmth. He is a composer whose work is to be wholeheartedly enjoyed by the listener, but also has the craftsmanship to amply satisfy the performer.”
     (Duncan Honeybourne, Pianist and Lecturer)

".....his style is attractive, approachable,  engaging and original."

     (Ann Tupling, Violinist)

“As a composer, I was greatly impressed by the recent performance of…..Bethlehem Junction. The show consists of….. well conceived musical ideas.”
     (Richard Silk, MA,Mus.B , (Cantab), FRCO, former Director of Studies,  Birmingham Conservatoire)